YouTube is hiring 10000 workers to fix Child-Exploitation problem

YouTube is hiring thousands of people to address its Child-Exploitation Problem by next year. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said “some bad actors are exploiting” the Google-owned service to “mislead, manipulate, harass or even harm.”

Hire 10,000 worker in surveillance teams

The company on Monday announced its new initiatives. This includes beefing up its surveillance teams to have more than 10,000 people in 2018. These thousands of worker will help to shut down inappropriate content faster. But It’s not mentioned that how many people are already working for YouTube’s review team. “We are taking these actions because it’s the right thing to do,” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki wrote in a blog post.

Tech giant Google promise that the problem will be solved by the Artificial Intelligence. It automatically identifying offensive content before anyone see the content. But YouTube’s best attempts so far spot only 75 percent of such clips before a user reports them. So, It is clear that AI is not enough to fix the Child-Exploitation Problem.

Google isn’t the only tech company that’s hiring workers to review contents. In May this year, Facebook announced it would hire 3,000 more people to review videos and posts. In YouTube’s case, 300 hours of footage uploaded every minute, it seems equally unlikely to succeed until its algorithms have learned all they need from the meatspace moderators.

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