Qualcomm announces ‘Always on PC’ with Windows 10 and Snapdragon 835

During the first day of the Snapdragon Summit, Cristiano Amon opened the event commenting on the future of technologies, including 5G. Working together with multiple partners, Qualcomm is gradually being able to restructure mobile computing and its applications.

Qualcomm Announces ‘Always On Pc’

Reiterating its thirst for innovation in the field of mobile technology, Qualcomm has just announced the first PC with smartphone skills, something he called ‘Always on PC’. The machine is lightweight, fanless, features a gigabit-LTE (4.5G) connection. The battery backup of ‘Always on PC’ is up to 20 hours.

This ‘Always on PC’ will run on a Windows 10 operating system and can completely change the usage behavior of standard users. With all the information being synchronized in real time, including an ‘instant boot’, the operation will be much more similar to what we already know in smartphones like Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5 and Nokia 8.

With all the benefits of a mobile phone and the power and usability of a complete computer, it’s only a matter of time before mobile operators and many manufacturers begin to increasingly exploit this platform by offering a variety of modern devices for the users.

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